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Arboles Libres - Father CD

Arboles Libres - Father CD

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Product Description

"Totaling 10 tracks, Father retains the Arboles Libres hallmarks of open-ended, guitar-driven jamming, [Nacho] Londono’s gentle, bilingual speak-singing, and [Anthony] Genovese’s 'I just want to bang the drum all day' drumming style (the sentiment, not the actual song). Produced by Aaron Fishbein, who has worked with everyone from Enrique Iglesias to Beyoncé, Father is a few degrees poppier than the band’s EP, and, from the sweet sentimentality of 'Caroline' to the cinematic twang of 'Atras De Ti,' it navigates a terrain more varied in terms of sound and emotion. But overall the album’s defining characteristic is that it rocks. Not in the matter-of-fact, by-definition sense that all rocks bands could be said to rock. Rather I refer specifically to the joyful, for-the-love-of-music, for-the-love-of-jamming, for-the-love-of-each-other way that Arboles Libres rocks." -Beached Miami